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Project Description

"Be Right Back" holds a deep significance that goes beyond mere words.

It encapsulates the emotions of rediscovery and reconnection. As I traveled back to the Philippines after over a decade, the experience was entirely new as an adult compared to my memories as a child. This project embodies that sentiment – the connection I felt to the place and not wanting to be away for too long.

It’s like flipping through a scrapbook of memories. Through a mix of photos, videos and animation – I’m bringing a different way to show the beauty of nature, culture and the future hopes of the next return to a special place. It’s not just about a specific destination; it’s about capturing the essence of travel, the excitement of discovery and the joy of sharing these experiences afterwards.

Thank you for being part of the first iteration of “Be Right Back”.

Micah Domingo

I'm an interdisciplinary creative specializing in motion design.

My passion lies in seamlessly blending media to craft captivating visual narratives. In this project, I showcase the diverse beauty of the Philippines using photography, videography, and animation to create immersive experiences. Each piece is a canvas where I celebrate and invite viewers to journey with me, igniting curiosity and fostering profound connections through art.